About passim web design

I offer a complete package, web design, hosting, domain name, etc. including maintaining and updating your site, all to your own specification.

Unlike the bigger commercial web building sites I charge by the page, so you will not face a huge leap in pricing if you want to add an extra page, nor will you have advertising banners or limitations on the number of times your site can be viewed as with the 'free' web building sites.  

I mainly build personal sites or small business sites, most are animal related web sites, and I will build to your specification. Basically you tell me how you would like your web site to look, the colours and layout you would like, send me the pictures and text you would like added, and I will build it. I then send you a link so that you can preview the site and tell me of any modifications you would like, and when you are happy with it, I will upload it and it goes live.

The more detail you can give me as to how you would like the finished web site to look, the quicker I will be able to complete it.   It’s as simple as that.  The time it all takes will of course, depend on the amount of pages and content you require. If you think ahead and plan well it will help speed things up.  

I will update and maintain your web site for you, for 12 months included in the original price, after the first year there will be an annual hosting fee, if I host the web site for you,  updates/changes will be charged at an hourly rate. Depending on what needs to be done, quite a few updates can be done in an hour, so this need not be very expensive, if you can plan for several updates to be done at the same time.    

If you do not want me to host your web site for you, I am happy to just build the web site and email you the files for you to load onto your server, or alternatively if you already have hosting I can upload the files for you, for a small charge.   Loading the files onto my server or yours, or sending you the site files, will only take place once full payment has been received.